Setting our clients apart with compelling graphic design

is what we do best.

Fresh thinking and powerful imagery.

We bring to every design project a superior visual standard and attention to detail.

Shortcreative is a unique graphic design firm located in Victoria, BC. Here we don’t just think outside the box, we DEFINE the box. This is a place where budgets, goals, time-lines and objectives are analyzed. Knowing the EXACT size of the box is critical.

Creative thinking requires room to roam but, at the end of the day, good graphic design is design that works.

Featured Portfolio Projects

some recent projects we are proud of

We are lucky enough to work with some of the best clients on the Island and in BC. Here are some of our recent graphic design and photography projects.

  • senior brochure cover
  • tea tin close up
  • Murchie's Christmas tin
  • tea bag wraps
  • vitaveg coconut oil

Our Skills & Services


Branding is one of the most essential services we provide. More than just window dressing, we work tightly with our clients to define the core values and brand essence.

Anyone can slap a new logo on something. This is not Branding. We will work together with you to determine your Brand Essence and how properly to express it. Then we will set to work on implementation. A Brand is promise and delivery – we can help make yours match.


Marketing is the backbone of good business.

We will not overload you with pretentious Marketing crap. We will work in partnership with you as really great Marketing cannot be done solo by a design firm. It requires the insight, coordination, and cooperation of great clients. If you’re looking to take your marketing materials to a new level, talk to us, together we will do great things.

Graphic Design

The core of everything we do is good design. Good graphic design is good thinking. Good thinking comes from good information. Good information comes from good research.

Printed collateral materials, a website or online banner ad, all deserve the same attention to detail.


Words and images go together. Often concepts are developed with these things in tandem. Writing our own copy means we are always fluid and adaptable to concepts as they emerge.

Do you have divergent sources for your copy and need a common editorial voice? We can do that.

If you just need some good copy for a press release or your website, we can help.

We know what to say and when to shut up.


With two shooters in house and pile of gear there isn’t much we don’t shoot.

From tabletop product images shot in the studio to rooftop panoramas, we deliver the same level of professionalism.

graphic design fireworks

We are a unique choice for graphic design on Vancouver Island. Finding a studio and group of talents that are the right fit for your business is essential. Please get in touch, we’d love to discuss how we can bring our knowledge and talents to your projects.

Contact us today to discuss your latest project.