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Environmental Technology Inc. offers a wide range of products for industrial and consumer use. These products include resins, clays, mold builders and pigments. Recently they approached us to re-design the packaging for their Silicone Putty. This user-friendly product is used to create quick impression molds. Our re-design of the packaging for the 1/2lb and 1lb kits give the product a refreshed look. Shortcreative not only created the new packaging to conform correctly to rigorous industry regulations in multiple languages, we also created the molds and all the photography was done in-house. We focused on simplifying the design elements and organizing the information so that the buyer can easily learn about ETI’s Silicone Putty.

Look for ETI’s Silicone Putty, in it’s shiny new packaging, at your local craft supplies store.

More information about ETI’s Silicone Putty