coffee bag front and patterned side

Premium Packaging for Short-Run Projects—No Need to Compromise!

In the previous years, Murchie’s Christmas Coffee was sold in an unbranded bag with a holiday label applied. This year, we took advantage of short-run digital printing technology to design custom bags. This is a great option if you want to take your packaging to the next level, but require smaller quantities. Traditional bag manufacturing…


product photography of product for Amazon shop

Product Photography for Online Shops

Recently we have seen an uptick in requests for product photography. Most of these are for images to be used on online stores like, Amazon, Shopify, Woocommerce, BigCommerce etc.  Often there is a requirement for images to have a pure white background. For this purpose keep a white infinity curve setup most of the time.…


The Powerhouse Pinball Club

Recently we had the opportunity to photograph the Powerhouse Pinball Club. This was a photographic delight. Long exposures in the dimly lit room captured the essence of the space with deep and vibrant colours. The Powerhouse Pinball Club The Powerhouse Pinball Club is a member-based pinball club in Victoria, BC Canada with over 400 card-carrying…


store window graphics

Very Good Butchers Window Cladding

We had the opportunity to work with Jon MacArthur from The Very Good Butchers to create the window cladding for there new location in the Ironworks Building on Store Street here in Victoria. Thanks to the folks at The SignPad for their expert installation.

Telltale signs that indicate it’s time to think about a rebrand.

Telltale signs that indicate it’s time for a rebrand Your brand exists to give your customers confidence and set you apart from your competition. If any of the points below sound like you, give us a jingle and let’s rethink your brand. You’re just plain out of date Time goes by, styles change, things look…


The Power of Packaging

THE POWER OF PACKAGING You’ve got a great product but does your packaging measure up? The old saying, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, is true. First impressions are critical, but it goes beyond that; your packaging instills trust in, and adds value to, your product. Real Life Lessons Years…


We always wanted to create wooden business cards!

Wood business cards are cool but don’t always make sense. When we had the opportunity to rebrand Nielsen Custom Woodworking it made perfect sense! These are a two sided card with a natural cotton bonded on the back to make it easy to read the pertinent information. The face is real walnut and every card is…


tea service boxes

Murchies 20’s Tea Service Boxes

The newest edition to the Murchies product line, the 20’s tea box, was a rewarding project to complete. These boxes contain 20 individually wrapped tea bags, and have a perforated dispensing slot for tea service. The design needed to compete on the shelf at the airport gift shop while still tying into their existing packaging. The fresh…


wax seal

Custom Wedding Invitations

The continuity of a brand or visual identity can easily involve expensive customization if you’re not careful. Understanding how to incorporate affordable custom details often makes all the difference. Recently, we had the opportunity to design a custom wedding invitation. Not our normal gig, but a challenge we were excited for! The client was interested in sealing each…


close up on gift

Holiday Greetings from Shortcreative

With only two days left, all of us at the studio are ready for Christmas! Keeping with tradition, we baked a variety of shortbreads for our clients and delivered them in unique, handcrafted packaging. This years gift featured a bright poinsettia in a decorative container filled with treats. A little Christmas cheer from Shortcreative. Happy Holidays!