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Creative director, art director, designer, writer, editor, illustrator, perfectionist

An artist from an early age, Cheryl followed her passion to the four-year Visual Communications program  at the Alberta College of Art. It was here she developed her passion for perfectionism, later honed to a point working in a high end design firm. Ultimately she started her own firm, shortcreative, in 1994 where she could take the reins.

Cheryl insists on fierce attention to detail, ensuring that our work adheres to her high standards. She is the master of colour. Her incredible colour eye, colour memory and deep understanding of pigment and print processes enables her to get the absolute maximum out of any printing technique.  We call her the “paper princess” as she cringes at the phrase “house stock”. Even if it’s good paper she wants to know what it is.

Cheryl’s critical eye extends to the art and technicalities of language. She is adept at harmonizing the varied voices that collaborative projects often bring.

As the Vancouver Island GDC Portfolio Chair for six years, Cheryl helped to define and recognize good design standards for the Island design community.