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Creative director, art director, designer, photographer, writer, illustrator, web guy, tech geek, know-it-all

Howard sees the destination and knows how to get there. Strong creative concepts and flawless production are the hallmarks of Howard’s design style—often minimalist in execution, with a strong emphasis on typography. Howard’s photography has appeared in magazines around the world. His logos have been internationally trademarked.

After four years of study in Visual Communications at the Alberta College of Art, Howard learned his chops in the trenches of production and typography houses. In the day when most other designers thought computers were for playing asteroids, Howard bought his first Mac and never looked back.

Howard served as Vice President on the local executive of the GDC for many years, he also was Ethics Chair and a Standards Officer. Deeply committed to the design profession, Howard taught logo and brand design at the Western Academy of Photography and continues to mentor up and coming designers.