Great packaging design requires thinking inside the box

Packaging is more than just a container for you product. It speaks volumes about the quality and legitimacy of what’s inside. In fact, studies show that up to 70% of consumers admit their purchasing decision is greatly influenced by the look and feel of the packaging.

Does your packaging make the cut? Does it create a good first impression? Does it truly reflect the product inside? Does it resonate with your target audience? In this day of social media and the unboxing experience, these details matter more than ever!

So yes, looks are important, but they aren’t the only thing that matters. The key to successful package design is to think “inside” the box. For most packaging the box is defined by government regulations, allowable product claims, language requirements, UPC codes, production line specifications, and sizing limitations.

Sound daunting? It is. For 25 years we’ve focused on package design and truly understand the importance good packaging plays in our clients’ success. Have a unique challenge? We’ll go the extra mile to find a solution and help you work through your options, our in-house plotter allows us to quickly prototype and test smaller packages.

Whether you’re developing a new product line or upgrading and existing one, give us a call or send an email, we’d love to discuss your project!