Print is alive and well

It’s true that we’ve seen a decline in print promotion as the digital era ushered in. However, after years of being bombarded with online images and ads, the novelty is fading and banner blindness is the norm. While online stores and advertising are certainly here to stay—they are a invaluable tool to reach audiences previously unaccessible—print, a more personal and tangible way of connecting, is making a comeback. It is a different world though and print is having to adapt to co-exhist with the digital world.
Whether it be brochures, product guides, publications, direct mail campaign or packaging and labels, the latest innovations in digital printing techniques like foil, die cutting and specialty finishes—once reserved for big projects, big presses and even bigger budgets—are opening up new creative avenues for shorter-run projects. 
Knowledge of paper choices, print technologies, good relationships with printers plus great design and solid pre-press skills are essential to getting the most from your printing dollar. A skilled designer, who truly knows their craft, will help you navigate your options, making the difference between a commodity piece and one that your customers will want to keep. 
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