Recently we have seen an uptick in requests for product photography. Most of these are for images to be used on online stores like, Amazon, Shopify, Woocommerce, BigCommerce etc.  Often there is a requirement for images to have a pure white background. For this purpose keep a white infinity curve setup most of the time. Lighting is provided by powerful moonlights and nikon strobes. We use scrims and reflectors to control shadows and reflections. Sometimes we shoot on a heayy sheet of plate glass so we can light from below.

Even with all this setup there is still the need for correct post-production to create the pure (RGB 255,255,255) white background. That is where we turn to Photohop. Careful use of layers and masks allow us achieve this. Our initial image captures are 24 megapixels, well beyond the requirement for online images. From there we create images sized to our clients specifications, most commonly 2048 pixels square.

We also keep a black infinity board handy which creates great deeply toned, evocative images.