Yeshi Nutritional Yeast Dressing

A brand redo doesn’t always require a rebuild from the ground up. In this case, our client was ready for a refresh, however we needed to maintain their loyal fans while attracting new customers. Using their existing logotype and a connection to the original colour palette achieved this while still allowing plenty of room to update their look. We presented several 3D mockups including…

Bagga Pasta

With new owners and a new name, it was time for a rebrand. Bagga Pasta required, not only label design, but coordination with their new in-house printer that allowed them to print customized labels using the same pre-printed template. Shortcreative designed a label that refined their brand and provided them the flexibility they needed.

Ruby Red Blueberry Label

Mid-century fruit crate labels inspired this redesign for Ruby Red Blueberries. The updated logo incorporates elements from their existing logo in a classic style synonymous with BC’s fruit growing industry. The new look was also applied to their bags of frozen blueberries. Ruby Red Blueberries can be found on the shelves, and freezer section, of local Island grocery stores.