Music by the Sea

This year Music by the Sea is celebrating their 10th anniversary! For the past 10 years we have been honoured to work with  MBTS on their programmes and posters. Now we are proud to unveil the re-design of their website and the implementation of their new system for online ticket sales. website

David Coulson Design

David Coulson creates homes. Wonderful homes. His approach to design and building is intelligent, personal and environmentally sensitive. In creating this site for David Coulson Design, Shortcreative had to incorporate a huge volume of work. Processing the many current and historic images was a large part of what we brought to the project. website

Scene About Town

Created to replace an aging and incomplete website this site features the photography of Shortcreative. Properly presenting the products Scene About Town offers for rent required careful and controlled lighting as many items were either white, glass or reflective metal. The simplicity of the architecture hides the enormous volume of images and information. website