Methylene Blue

Methylene Blue is the key active ingredient in Aqua Miraculorum, The Water of Miracles, celebrated for its exceptional ability to enhance skin quality. It improves skin tone and texture, combats dryness and fragility, and helps restore skin resilience and elasticity when applied topically over the entire body.

Bloo Pharmaceutica developed a unique delivery method in the form of a dissolving bath sachet. With product samples, a rough logo, and a basic packaging concept, they sought our expertise to bring their vision to life.

Given the product’s uniqueness, we connected them with a compliance specialist to ensure that the wording and claims adhered to government standards. During this process, we had to pivot from the original packaging concept—individually wrapped sachets similar to single-serve tea bags within a larger pouch—to a smaller inner pouch.

This project was a highly collaborative effort between us, our client, the printer, and the compliance specialist. Before having the printed product, we created high-realism 3D mock-ups for their website. Once we had the printed pouches, we photographed the product, in-house, for both Amazon and the client’s website.