Has someone told you that you need to hire a branding expert?

If they were to give better advice, it would be that you need to become a branding expert.

We can help.

Good branding is more than designers just slapping on logos and painting everything the same colour. Defining the look of your brand needs to be done with insight and intelligence. We will work with you to determine where your existing brand is, what it could be, and how to get there. Developing a strong brand requires good thinking, good design and great follow through.

A brand is defined by much more than a logo.
But if you’d like to see some of the logos we have designed have a look here.

Branding is promise and delivery.

Our job is getting the promise right, yours is in the delivery. Brand alignment (coordinating the promise and delivery) and looking good is the first half of effective branding, and the half we are really good at. The other half of branding is delivery, that’s mainly your department, but we can help. Often the work we do becomes part of the brand, especially when we are designing packaging.

Together, with our clients, we create strong branding teams.