Acquiring printing is more than shopping for the cheapest price

A good working knowledge of paper choices, press technologies and pre-press is essential to getting the most from your printing dollar.
We have a great deal of experience coordinating printing across Canada and around the globe.

We have knowledge of a wide variety of printing techniques

Not every project requires sculpted foil embosses, fancy varnishes or papers, but when it does, we know how to get it done. Often these interesting production techniques are less expensive than might be expected and return fantastic bang-for-the-buck. Printing a spot Pantone metallic on an inexpensive craft paper stock, for example, creates a unique patina that is upscale and earthy at the same time.

Our in-house proofing system is second-to-none.

We adhere to a high standard of colour accuracy, saving time and improving creative control. We generate in-house proofs that rival the best available. Before files leave the studio we know what to expect from the printer’s contract proofs.


We have long-standing relationships with many local printers and publications. This means we get great service and attention from these suppliers. There are lots of wonderful local suppliers, knowing which ones to use and when is what we do well.