Telltale signs that indicate it's time for a rebrand

Your brand exists to give your customers confidence and set you apart from your competition.
If any of the points below sound like you, give us a jingle and let’s rethink your brand.

You’re just plain out of date

Time goes by, styles change, things look tired. Often logos are designed to be trendy. The problem with this is that it limits their lifespan. If you’ve got one of those pink and blue grids and drop shadowed logos from the 80’s, unless you are a glow-in-the-dark bowling alley, chances are its time for a refresh.

You’re experiencing brand disconnect

When your offering and your brand identity don’t match, you have a disconnect. We often see this with start-ups on a limited budget. In an attempt to save money they do their logo themselves or get their friend’s brother to whip something up. Unless your friend’s brother just happens to be a brand specialist, this can be a costly mistake.

If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.

Ralf Speth – CEO Jaguar

Your brand no longer reflects you
Your style and refinement have changed since you started. Perhaps your services, products, or business model have changed or maybe you just want to look more mature. Maybe you want to tap into a new demographic. Whatever the reason, it’s probably time to take stock and make sure your brand aligns with your current offering and target audience. It doesn’t mean your brand is bad; you’ve simply outgrown it, much like your grad suit.

You’re struggling to raise your prices
If you want to be perceived as top of your profession or industry and your current look doesn’t represent this, it’s time to rebrand. 
Perceived value is determined by the quality of your branding. If the customer believes you have a high quality product or service they are willing, and expect, to pay more.
You’ve got new competition

And they are fresh and hungry.

Perhaps when you started your company you were the big dog in town. Now upstarts are encroaching on your territory. And they look bigger and better than you, attracting your potential customers. Maybe a brand refresh with a new tagline that clearly stakes your territory will put you back in the lead.

Your company is growing
As you add more storefronts, products, or services, the cost of a rebrand goes up and up, while the potential for brand disconnect increases. Just get ‘er done now. Giving your company a brand refresh can be the catalyst for the growth you’re aiming for. Market leaders do this continually to stay relevant to their customers.
You are undergoing a merger or acquisition
This one may seem to be a no-brainer.  A merger or acquisition that changes your company makeup is the perfect opportunity to capture public attention. Good design thinking at this point can help make sure you not only keep existing customers, but attract new ones.

Brand evolution is inevitable for any company that’s been in business for a length of time. We can help you decide if now is the right time and just how extensive your refresh needs to be. We’ll work together to get you back on track.

Check out some of our rebranding projects. Before and After