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You’ve got a great product but does your packaging measure up? The old saying, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, is true. First impressions are critical, but it goes beyond that; your packaging instills trust in, and adds value to, your product.

Real Life Lessons

Years ago we were working with a wonderful authentic Italian bakery. We created their brand identity which extended to signage, menu boards, loyalty cards, even their invoices and last but not least, labels for their fine selection of breads and cookies. They were reaping the benefits of improved sales and customer retention. 

They began offering gourmet sandwiches to their lunch crowd. Not just your run of the mill chicken salad, but rather exquisite combinations on fresh-baked breads. The sandwiches were pre-made (that morning) and wrapped in plastic with a handwritten label affixed. They didn’t sell as well as anticipated. 

Problem: improve sandwich sales. Solution: better labels. 

We were tasked with designing on-brand labels that would sell. With the new labels in place they ran out of sandwiches every lunch hour! In fact sales were so far beyond expectations they quickly ran out of labels—yikes!

While waiting for the next batch of labels to arrive they went back to using the hand written stickers again. With their new production ramped up to serve their current lunch volume they found themselves with left over sandwiches at the end of the day. Same great product, same clientele, the only difference was the labels. After a few of days of this they said, help! With the new labels still a couple of weeks out, we did a batch of short-run labels to tide them over. As expected, sales picked up once again,

If you’d like to see how better packaging can improve your sales, let’s chat.