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Tire Stewardship BC is the nonprofit entity responsible for managing the collection of the eco fee on the sale of new tires, the collection of tires for reuse, community grants, and the numerous steps from point A to B.

Inundated with questions about the “ECO fee” and where that money goes, TSBC has the tireless job of not only ensuring that all tires are recycled, but also informing the public and tire retailers about the importance of their role in the process. So where does the money go? It stays right here in BC, creating jobs and growing our economy. It helps tire retailers host Tire Round-Up events as well as helping processors and manufacturers create new value from old tires. Think playground surfaces, arena flooring, horse stall mats, and landscaping mulch.

Shortcreative’s role in all of this? From the creation of the TSBC logo, to Annual Reports, presentations, mail promotion, Tire Round-Up advertising (print and online), and a new animated consumer/tire retailer information site, shortcreative is part of the team that’s getting the message out.